Thursday, October 22, 2020


Hi, stitching friends!

The wind has been blowing all day here, and the leaves from our maple tree are scattered all over the yard, the driveway, the sidewalk and, unfortunately, the neighbors' yards.

Autumn is here. We have a chance of snow tonight. While autumn is my favorite time of year, I realize that I have it easy. I get to enjoy it from inside, while my son and my husband are outside raking, winterizing and mowing, hoping it's the last time for the season. They say their favorite time of year is winter because there's no yard work.

So while I get to stay inside where it's warm, I've been doing lots of Halloween stitching and finishing. Halloween and fall stitching are my favorite.

Halloweenies by Plum Street Samplers

I stitched "Halloweenies" by Plum Street Samplers for my niece and finished it into a flatfold. She loved it. She has two wiener dogs, Alfonse and Hodgi, so I've been stitching the "weenie" series by Plum Street for her.

Halloweenies by Plum Street Samplers

I stitched Halloweenies on 40-count "1776" by Colour & Cotton. The cording is a combination of three DMC colors I thought coordinated well with the backing fabric. 

I used a fall fabric with gold sparkles for the backing.

Halloween tree

Last year I bought a spooky, glittery Halloween tree to display Halloween smalls. I think my next Halloween stitching project needs to be a tree skirt for it - something to hide the battery boxes for the ghost and pumpkin lights.

Boo by Lizzie Kate

Robin in Virginia sent me the pattern for Lizzie Kate's "Boo!" I stitched it on 32-count Brash by Picture This Plus, substituting threads I had on hand for some of the called-for colors I was missing. I finished it into a flat-mount ornament with black pom pom trim and some orange and white cording from Stampin' Up.

I used a fun yellow printed fabric from my stash for the back.

'Tis Halloween

I stitched three stockings from Blackbird Designs' 'Tis Halloween booklet: Jack O'Lantern, Trick or Treat, and Haunted House. When I hung them on the Halloween tree, my son said, "Cool! Stockings? It's like Christmas, but it's Halloween!"

"Yes, it's the 'nightmare' before Christmas!" I said.

Pumpkin stocking by Blackbird Designs

Trick or Treat stocking by Blackbird Designs

Haunted House stocking by Blackbird Designs

They were so much fun to stitch, and they were easy to finish. I just sewed the stitched piece, some muslin fabric and the backing fabric together, right sides facing, then turned them right-side out, tucked in the tops and either stitched or used a scrap of ironed-on interfacing to secure the top of the stocking inside. I threaded some black seed beads to make hangers.

For the backing fabric, I ordered a super cute fat quarter pack of Halloween fabrics from Simple Stitches Fabric Shop. Thanks, Arlene, for the recommendation!

A beautiful and thoughtful gift

Sandy in Florida sent me a wonderful gift, this handmade cross, after reading the post "i thank you God for most this amazing. The cross is made from horseshoe nails and jewelry wire. Isn't it beautiful? Sandy also sent the story behind it: "Ron's cross ministry: Shalimar man races health to craft 5,000 necklaces." It's an interesting and heartwarming story. The crosses are never to be sold, only to be given away. 

Sandy wrote me a letter to go with it, and I have to tell you, I have made such good friends through this blog. I thank God for you for taking the time to read and for reaching out to say hello. Thank you for thinking of me, Sandy.

My next post will be right around the corner. I have MORE Halloween stitching to show you.

I'm off to make a pot of chili. It is definitely a chili kind of night! I make my mom's recipe. It's so simple: sautéed onions and browned ground beef, a couple 14.5 oz cans of diced tomatoes, a can of condensed tomato soup, two 14.5 oz cans of beans (I use Madras Lentils from Costco), seasoned with chili powder and ground cumin to taste. So simple and so good.

Until next time, be well and stay warm!


  1. I love those stockings and the backing fabric is so perfect. I can imagine how your niece loves "weenie" stitchery! That cross is just beautiful, what a lovely gift. I see gifts being exchanged between stitchers and always wonder how the heck they find last names and addresses! That chili is very similar to ours except we add diced green peppers. Sometimes I use a can of Rotel instead of all diced and all black beans. Well, the base is close anyway! Hope you are feeling good Meg.

  2. THOSE STOCKINGS!!!! They are adorable. Now I want a tree with Halloween stockings. I saw on IG and rushed over to see. The tree is adorable. The Weiner dogs are cute too:)
    I do count my stitching blogger friends as dear friends.
    Have a great weekend. Snow...I am still wearing shorts everyday...just fall colored:)

  3. Wonderful Halloween post ,love all of your stitching and the stockings are fab .
    The tree is just wonderful.
    Beautiful cross how thoughtful of Sandy.

  4. Sono bellissimi tutti i tui ricami, le calze meravigliose!!

  5. Hello Meg,
    beautiful Halloween stitching and finishes.
    I like your decoration for autumn.
    Have a nice weekend. Manuela

  6. Beautiful stitching and awesome finishes. And now I am hungry for chili! Looking forward to the next round of finishes.

  7. Meg, so good to see your post.....your Halloween stitches are adorable!!! I especially love the stockings on the festive tree...those backing fabrics are perfect! Hope all is well with you...enjoy the coming cooler, snuggle up and stitch weather!

  8. I love your new cross that Ron made. I read the story. I think that is really neat. Glad Sandy gave that to you!

  9. Meg, I was just thinking about you and here you posted in with a new post. Your Halloween stitches are adorable especially the stockings. Well done on the stitching and finishing! What a beautiful cross you received from Sandy! Hope the chili was tasty. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. have accomplished a lot Meg!! I love those little stockings and they are finished perfectly. I have trouble sewing curves!! And that special. I had an uncle who suffered from macular degeneration. To think that they are not to be sold but given precious. I am hoping to do some Christmas ornament finishing today so fingers crossed it goes well. Always makes me a bit nervous that after all the time I spent stitching, I could mess up something in a second. Take care and Happy Stitching. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas stitches. The one you gifted me is one of my favorites.

  11. Love all your cute finishes. That is the cutest tree! What a beautiful cross, and thank you for the links to read all about it as well. Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend. ((hugs)).

  12. Where can I get information about ordering the crosses? Would love to have one and give some to friends - would willingly pay for them and/or postage. Thanks for your help!

  13. I so enjoyed seeing your Halloween decorations. Thanks.

  14. Meg: Your Halloween stitching is adorable, the Halloweenies are so sweet, how cute the names are that your daughter chose for her dogs.
    All your designs and finishing are beautiful.
    Sandy is such a sweet Lady, the cross is beautiful, thank-you for the links.


  15. This year I haven't stitched any autumn motifs, I have to make up for that next year. Your motifs are beautiful, especially the little socks I think are really cute.
    Take good care of yourself until next time. Martina

  16. What a great selection of ornaments on your Halloween tree. I have stitched PSS's Halloweenies and I had thought to finish it as a pillow but I've changed my mind about that, now that I've seen your flatfold finish.

  17. Oh, Meg! Your work is so very beautiful--really! Love all the stockings, the sweet Halloweenie finish, and your newest Boo finish. The tree is great for displaying your Halloween smalls, too. How tall is it? If I ever do get back into displaying Halloween stitching, I may think about investing in one myself. I still stitch a new Halloween piece each year, but haven't displayed my whole collection since 2014 when dad died that day. Anyway... I look forward to your next Halloween installment--hope you have a relaxing fall weekend. Take good care now (sorry for not responding to your last comments on my post--just returned from 3 very busy weeks with our grandson in CA :). ♥

  18. What gorgeous Halloween stitching! I love your Halloween tree too. Those BBD stockings...where the heck have I been?! Hope the charts have been reprinted. I'm off to see your next post!

  19. Your finishes are just perfection!! I especially adore those BBDs stockings, and what a great idea for the hangers. Just might borrow that from you. I just bought the patterns for some of the Christmas stockings and will hopefully get around to at least one or two before Christmas.

  20. Oh WoW, look at all those wonderful Halloween pieces, I love them all! Your tree looks fabulous and your Halloweenies are just adorable.
    A sweet gift from Sandy, very thoughtful.


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