Thursday, August 26, 2021


Hi, stitching friends,

If you have been reading my blog for long, you know that I have been living with metastatic breast cancer. There is no cure yet, so I have known that a day would come when my doctor told me I am out of treatment options. That day came in July.

I am lucky to know this. It has given me time to have closure with family and friends, make notes for my husband about how to do the things I would normally do, and give treasured possessions to special family and friends.

I have disabled comments for this blog post simply because I have been a little overwhelmed with trying to catch up on returning phone calls and letters, and after I am gone I don't want my husband to have to try to answer them.

I have loved sharing my cross stitch with you on this blog. I've made good friends and learned more from you than you'll ever know. My stitching and finishing has gotten so much better because of the bonds I made through having a blog. Thank you!

A word about your stitched-but-not-framed-or-finished cross stitch: Do not worry about it. A couple weeks ago I was showing my mom my stitched-but-not-fully-finished pieces. I think I probably had at least 30-40 projects waiting to be turned into something I could display. As I looked at them, I thought about how much fun I had stitching them. Cross stitching is a wonderful distraction, isn't it? When you're bored or feeling blue or frustrated. When you're in pain, physically or mentally. When you just need something to keep your hands busy while you watch TV or relax. Stitching has gotten me through a lot of tough times, from recovering from a C-section and a baby refusing to nurse, to cancer.

Do not worry about those unfinished pieces. My mom went through my stitching and picked out several just to keep, as is, unfinished. She just wanted something I had stitched. I am going to ask friends if they would like something from my stitched stash, too. I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

Thank you for your friendship, your kindness, your knowledge.

Now go hug somebody, spread some kindness in this world that desperately needs it, and stitch!