Saturday, June 22, 2019

Stars and Stripes Mystery Box Reveal

Spoiler alert! If you are already a fan of Colour & Cotton and have ordered your Stars & Stripes Mystery Box (but have not yet received it), STOP! This post contains some (fabulous) spoilers.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, or if you do and have been curious, read on. Colour & Cotton is relatively new on the hand-dyed fiber scene. They opened up shop in the fall of 2016. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, the studio is owned by Angela, who learned about professional dyeing while a fine arts student.

The studio is large enough to offer a wide range of hand-dyed linens, threads, fabrics and more with awesome customer service, but small enough that when I receive an order, the invoice is usually hand-signed by Angela herself. She answers emails personally as well.

I'm writing this post because I'm a HUGE fan and have been so impressed with everything I've gotten from them. No other reason. I learned about Colour & Cotton from Arlene at Nanaland when she regularly featured their threads as part of her "Friday Five" posts.

Because I was so intrigued with Arlene's show-and-tell, I subscribed to Colour & Cotton's monthly hand-dyed thread club (all-colors option). It's so much fun to get 10 skeins each month, but they offer a 5-skein option as well (brights or primitives/neutrals). If you like to play with color and swap out threads in your stitching, this might be an option for you and a great way to build your collection. If you don't like swapping out threads, their hand-dyed linens (also offered in a monthly club or a la carte) are gorgeous.

Here's one example of their great customer service. I love the "dark indigo" thread. It's simply the perfect navy blue. I was worried I was going to run out so I went to their site to order more. They were sold out! Eek! So I emailed Angela, and you know what? She dyed more that week, just because I asked.

About the box

A few times a year, Colour & Cotton puts together seasonal "Mystery Boxes." I missed the first two but got my first one last Christmas. I loved it so much I promised myself I would keep ordering them.

Yesterday I received the first box of this year, the Stars & Stripes Mystery Box, a mini version of their full-size boxes.

Half the fun of opening a mystery box is the way Angela and the crew package everything with so much thought and care.

Here we go...

When I first opened the box, I was met with fireworks! Well, OK, not actual fireworks, but lots of blue and white krinkly paper that reminded me of a festive explosion of color (and something I can reuse in my next gift basket).

And then...

Gold tissue paper.... oh the suspense was killing me at this point!

Look! So pretty!

  • 2 yards of vintage hand-dyed silk ribbon for embellishing an ornament
  • 10 yards of hand-dyed silk thread in "Spacious Skies"
  • 6 skeins (8 yards each) of hand-dyed cotton thread in a patriotic pallette

  • A needle minder specially made for Colour & Cotton by Mad for Minders, packaged in the sweetest little gold gossamer bag

  • Navy Kona quilting fabric for backing small finishes, drums and more
  • 17" x 26" piece of hand-dyed stitching linen (I selected 40-count Newcastle) in a color that resembles old parchment!
  • Tiny red snips from Paula Sibbald of Kelmscott Designs

A pretty decent haul, if you ask me! And now when I'm ready to do my patriotic stitching, I'm all set.

Later this summer, Colour & Cotton will be taking pre-orders for the Harvest Halloween mystery box (available in mini or full size), and in fall, they will take pre-orders for the Winter Wonderland mystery box (again available in mini or full size). They sell out fast.

I hope you have enjoyed my little bit of "fan girl" hats off to one of my favorite dye studios on Earth. They've brought a lot of joy into my stitching world, so I wanted to give them a shout-out to say thank you!

Thanks, Angela! You rock!


  1. It's so nice to read about a company who offers such wonderful attention to detail and customer service, Meg! I will definitely check them out :) Enjoy your box of goodies!

  2. Meg, your box is wonderful. I'm just curious did you order the brights or the primitive? And are the mystery boxes to go with the theme not necessarily bright or primitive? I like the idea of the 5 skein as that is still 60 in a year.

    Your box is so thoughtfully packed and I can see what a delight it is to open. I used to live in St. Louis for three years so part of my heart is still there. In fact, I was over the moon recently when the hockey team the Blues won the Stanley Cup (the first one).

    Thanks for all the heads up on this great company. Have a great weekend. I'm headed to the beach tomorrow for a week but I should be able to stay in contact as my friend has a computer at her beach house. RJ

  3. Believe it or not, I had no idea about these mystery love love all the nice things Meg!! I may have to order the Fall Harvest one. Thanks for enabling me....ok, it takes very little to enable me but thanks

  4. How wonderful! Thanks for the mention of the Harvest Halloween box. I love Halloween stitching.

  5. What a great idea to get some stitching goodies every now and again!

  6. What fun!!! To be honest, I have never heard of this company but will definitely check them out. I especially like the look of the fabric....let your creative juices flow!!!

  7. What fun! And very pretty too! Quite the special gift.

  8. Meg, thank you for sharing the contents of your box! What a fabulous box of goodies you received. I like her threads and fabrics. I will have to see if I have any of that Indigo thread color. Have a blessed day!

  9. What a great goodie box enjoy .

  10. What fun to open up a box filled with all that gorgeous eye candy! I'm looking forward to seeing what projects you use the floss on. I'm just starting to get braver about substituting floss and colors. The Autumn one is tempting as it's my favorite season. Thanks for sharing about this company.

  11. Never heard of them before so thank you for this review and info!

  12. I have never done a mystery box before, but I'm thinking a Harvest Halloween one would be fun! Thanks for sharing your goodies, you received a great patriotic one!

  13. I love mystery box's, this one is a beauty.
    I must check this out, thank-you for letting us know.



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