Thursday, June 20, 2019

June...Going, Going.....

Hi, stitching friends!

When I think that it's almost July 4, I think, "What? Seriously?" I've been reading about and admiring your patriotic stitching, and I think about starting some of my own. But then I realize... the Fourth of July is like... two weeks away?! Ummm... maybe I'll get on to my patriotic stitching next year. I got an email that my Colour & Cotton Stars & Stripes Mini Mystery Box has been shipped, so I'm super excited about its impending arrival, but it's a big, fat goose egg on the patriotic-stitching front here.

I have working on about eight different projects lately, using a decision-roulette app on my iPad to help me decide what to stitch on each day. But for now, here's what I have ready to show you.

Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow

I finished block 8 of Halloween at HRH a few weeks ago:

Don't you love it? The colors are so bright, and I love the realistic look of the straight-stitched straw in the scarecrow. He obviously isn't very scary to those crows landing all over him, but I think he's pretty scary.

I have to tell you, this project is pretty cool-looking in the product photo, but it's one of those rare projects that just POP in person. It has been delightfully fun to stitch.

I do have a love/hate relationship with some of the solid-color areas. On the negative side, stitching a large area in one solid DMC color can be dreadfully boring, but on the positive side, if you're watching TV when you stitch (as I do), you don't have to concentrate so hard when stitching these areas.

Now I'm working on block 9, and it seems like I've been on block 9 foreeeeeverrrrr. I took a brief vacation from Halloween at HRH to work on other things, and getting back to it has been hard. I'm almost done, though, and definitely still on track to finish block 9 by the end of June.

Do you love my new needle minder? Creepy! It's from Mad for Minders on Etsy:

Perfect for Halloween stitching. I love Dracula's fangs...

...and I love Frankenstein's monster's mustache. I'm not sure if it is supposed to be a mustache, but it looks like one to me.

Reminds me of a vintage photo, like this poor man's head became Frankenstein's monster's head.

Summer Schoolhouse SAL Update

I've been plugging away on the Summer Schoolhouse Stitch-a-long I've been doing with RJ and Mary of Stitching Friends Forever.

I finished part 2.1, titled "Pretty Miss Polly," in 16.5 hours:

And here is part 2.2, "Little Master Tommy," all finished up:

I think the colors are divine. The bees' wings are hard to see, even in person. They're almost the same color as the fabric.

After tracking 10 hours of stitching time on part 2.2, I decided that I REALLY don't like tracking time. Several of you have mentioned that you don't like doing stitch-a-longs because of either tracking time or feeling like you can't keep up. OK, so I agree! When I have the timer going, I'm super self-conscious about how much I'm getting done and whether or not I'm ahead of or behind RJ and Mary. So, I decided to heck with keeping track of time! I'm putting in what time I have, when I have it.

I think the important thing is knowing that my friends across the country are working on the same thing I am. I know we are at wildly different places in our stitching right now, and that's OK. I'll finish when I finish.

I have started part 3, but I haven't gotten very far yet. Just the windows and part of the door:

Since there is going to be an American flag on the left side of the house when I finish it, I will say, yeah, I'm working on some patriotic stitching, too!

Be well, dear friends, and thanks for stopping by. I read and enjoy every comment, so thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to say hello!


  1. Meg, Your Halloween piece is fantastic--I love following its journey. And your Schoolhouse series is progressing nicely. I used to keep track of all my stitching time, but decided to stop this year; it's an extra chore I didn't want any more.But it's funny how hard it is to break a habit...I still start to grab the notebook I kept track of it in at times!!! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Hello Meg,
    your Halloween Stitching ist wonderful. The block with all the pumpkin and the scarecrow is so beautiful. I love it.
    Great progress on your Schoolhouse Lesson. I will start this projekt next month.
    Enjoy the weekend an Hugs, Manuela

  3. I love your Halloween stitch. It is going to be so wonderful when you have completed. There are just not enough hours in a day to do all the wonderful projects I see out there. I said the same thing about patriotic stitches last year, so this year I started after Christmas trying to do a few along. After I do the two others I have bought, I am going to call it quits on those and move onto that schoolhouse series. Y'all have motivated me to go back to it and do the one over one, but it will definitely have to be a slow process for that. Yikes!

  4. Meg, your Halloween stitch is looking good. Congratulations on getting block 8 finished and 9 looks like it is nearing a finish. Your Schoolhouse Lessons pieces look great. Well done on getting 2.1 and 2.2 finished! Have a wonderful first day of summer and a marvelous weekend!

  5. Oh I LOVE your Hawk Run Hollow. I purchased that pattern but just could not do the 40 count so I gifted the chart to a younger friend. Everyone says you can do it on a larger count but I think the beauty of this stitch is the small count. I still have ONE patriotic stitch but it may not be done until after July 4th but I keep my Patriotic things up through July. I am trying to get a few August things done for the dough bowl. I need to be a monogamous stitcher on my grandson's birth sampler so I can get it to the framer. I hope to work on it all next week. And Of course I got caught up in the Jolly July that Priscilla and Chelsea are doing so busy busy!

  6. Oh Summer Schoolhouse is so wonderful! I love tiny stitching so much!

  7. Meg, I just love your progress on HRH!! Love the scarecrow and all those pumpkins and crows! I love anything autumnal, absolutely my favorite season. I can see why block 9 is taking a long time. Such dense stitching and that border!! That must have been challenging. Frankenstein looks like that handsome man in the photo!!! Is that an instant relative?
    Well, I don't mind setting an alarm for one hour and stitching but I can rarely stitch that long without having to get up and move around. I would pause it and hen I would forget to turn it back on and now I'm just trying to catch up with the two of you!! Don't worry about keeping up or lagging behind, do what you can when You can. I Just finished Master Tommy and was wondering why the stitch was out of alphabetical order, I never noticed the A or B!!! Today I'll start Miss Polly. Did you see Stasi's set all finished? If that isn't inspiration to keep going I don't know what is!! I adore her alphabet box too...

    I think we should have a Patriotic SAL for next year, I hardly have anything Patriotic...

    Hope your having a great week. Mary

  8. Megan, I never was interested in the HRH pieces until I saw yours. I may have to have Halloween in my life.

    I'm kitting up Summer schoolhouse this month. Love your fabric, is it the call for fabric?

    1. Hi, Kim! Yes - Summer Schoolhouse is on the called-for 28-count mushroom lugana.

  9. What a super duper stitch Meg. You are doing such an awesome job.

    Well to be honest I hate stitching one hour a day on anything. Once I start I don't want to put it down. So do whatever is the most comfortable for you. No more timing yourself. You are already making great progress and it is looking wonderful. I am loving the summer schoolhouse series and hate to put it down. Have a wonderful week my sweet friend. RJ

  10. Block 8 with the many pumpkins and the straw man I like very much. Very nice progress also in your SAL, just a nice motive.
    Have a nice weekend, Martina

  11. Il tuo progetto Halloween Stitching è molto interessante, i colori sono brillanti e accattivanti. Ho appena scoperto il tuo blog e mi piace molto perchè condividiamo la stessa passione per il ricamo. Diventerò tua follower e passerò più spesso a farti visita. Buon
    week end

  12. Oh, that is a wonderful block, Meg! The scarecrow is just perfect and I love all the bright orange pumpkins! (I would probably be stitching this myself if my dad hadn't died on Halloween--it really changed my feelings about the day). Having stitched Christmas at HRH, I well know how long each of those blocks takes to stitch--you are doing great!

    I'm with you on keeping track of hours/counting stitches, etc. It would take the fun out of it for some reason. I rarely participate in SALs--just like stitching what I want at my own pace (which is increasingly slower :)

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend (we have our first precipitation free weekend since February--woo hoo!!) and are looking forward to the summer ahead! ♥

  13. HaHRH is looking fantastic!

    I'm in agreement, I do not like tracking hours. I generally like data but not so much about my hobbies. I personally don't see how tracking number of stitches isn't totally tedious unless you're stitching full coverage and can count blocks. Just let me stitch!!!

  14. Wow, I love block 8 for your Halloween @HRH! Block 9 is looking great too, are you done with it yet? And yes, your minder is perfect for that piece.
    Your Schoolhouse is coming along beautifully, so delicate looking! I don't do well with time either, I know I'm just happy when I can stitch.


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