Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Good Things

 Hi, stitching friends!

Earlier this month, my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We had originally planned to go to Ireland and Scotland at the end of September, but cancer and Covid had other plans for us. Maybe next year? We spent a quiet day together and ordered yummy Mexican food (to go) from Jalape├▒os, one of our favorite local restaurants (he had chicken fajita nachos and I had shrimp al mojo de ajo...soooo good!), and we watched movies. It was quite a nice day. I tell this guy I would rather do nothing with him than something with anyone else, and I mean it.

Life has been pretty simple around our house. My husband has been working, minimizing trips out of town to reduce his potential exposure to Covid and to spend more time with me (yay!). My son and his girlfriend, who has been staying with us, started their senior year online August 17. He says he loves it. I love being able to hear his teachers and hear him ask questions, and I must say I'm pretty proud of the intelligent questions my son asks. He still needs a lot of nudging to get assignments turned in on time, but he likes being able to work on homework while his teachers give their lectures in Google Classroom.

I started physical therapy in July. I loved being able to walk in the pool. Have you ever had a dream where you're flying? It felt like that, being able to walk without a walker or crutches. I could just glide through the water without wobbling or limping or using anything to help me walk. I've had to put it off, though, because I may have a new fracture in my spine, which is making my at-home physical therapy (and simply moving) really painful. So for the moment, I'm taking it easy and will see what my doc says when we have my latest scan results.

Thank goodness for cross stitch, right? If I didn't have this to keep my mind occupied, I think I would go a little nuts.

Some of you have said you wish there was something you could do for me. Well... I do have a request. If you can, please check out Lady Dot Creates on Etsy. Lois has raised $100,000 for breast cancer charity, and she sells a beautiful scissor fob in her Etsy store, proceeds from which go to breast cancer research and awareness. Her shop is taking a break until this Friday, so check back soon. Many of you already know about her gorgeous hand-dyed trims, and she is simply a sweetheart.

La Vie Est Belle

The moment I saw La Vie Est Belle on Etsy, I fell in love. The shop, Stitches Through the Years, is new to me, but wow. The designer, Lana Lenskaya, is very talented and has a great eye for color. I stitched La Vie Est Belle ("Life is Beautiful") on 32-count Legacy by Picture This Plus with the called-for overdyed threads.

La Vie Est Belle

La Vie Est Belle

La Vie Est Belle

La Vie Est Belle

La Vie Est Belle

I framed La Vie Est Belle myself with a gorgeous antique-silver frame I ordered from Franken Frames. My friend Carol from Stitching Dreams has been ordering from Franken Frames for years, and I finally did, too. I am so pleased with the frames, the price, the service and the free samples. And it is such a treat to have a frame that is exactly the size I need. A lot of frames you find in the big-box craft stores or thrift stores are not deep enough to accommodate foam core because they are made for framing photos, and it rarely happens that one of them is exactly the size I need.

Goodness & Plenty

My friend Robin in Virginia blessed me a while back with a generous number of charts from her stash. One of them, Goodness & Plenty by Plum Street Samplers, was on my wish list for quite a while.

Goodness & Plenty by Plum Street Samplers

Goodness & Plenty by Plum Street Samplers

Goodness & Plenty by Plum Street Samplers

The crow and the goodness & plenty cushions are stitched on 32-count Stars Hollow Blend, and the alphabet sampler is stitched on 32-count Doubloon. I filled all three with crushed walnut shells and added handmade red cording to one pillow before deciding I really like them plain and simple. I backed all three with some red checked fabric that was a gift from my friends RJ and Mary of Stitching Friends Forever. (Aren't stitching friends the best?)

I would like to try using sawdust to fill pillows and pincushions. Any thoughts or suggestions on how it works or where to find it online that isn't too pricy?

Pure Silliness

I downloaded a new app on my iPad the other day that I can't stop playing around with. It's called "My Talking Pet." Every day I've been making a video for my husband. He comes home from work and asks, "Did Scout make a video for me today?" (I honestly think he would be disappointed if he didn't.) August is my husband's birthday month, so the video today is Scout asking about a birthday treat.

Stay Safe, Be Well

You are very important to me, dear friends, so please take care of yourselves during this difficult time. Watch out for your loved ones and your neighbors, and please remember that we will get through this if we look out for one another.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hello Meg,
    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband.
    Your stitching finishes are so beautiuful.
    Have a nice time. Manuela

  2. You are a beautiful couple Happy Anniversary .
    Beautiful stitching .
    Take care , enjoy your week.

  3. I think you just enabled me with that talking dog app. That looks like such fun. The picture of you is so pretty. 25 is great. I am glad that your son is enjoying the home school experience. It probably helps that he has a girlfriend so he doesn't feel isolated. Time invested in her is good too! Many kiddos have found respite in our home and it was good for them. Many have come back to tell us so.
    The Life is Beautiful is just that - beautiful. I think I will try that frame shop very soon. Framing is very pricey and a lot of times that don't take the time you would to get it in there even.
    Love the simplicity of the pillows too.

  4. Oh and yes we all love Lady Dots. I have ordered from her many times so yes I will do just that.

  5. Meg, Happy Anniversary...what a beautiful truly sound as if you've found your soul mate!!!
    Your projects are adorable; I'm so happy you find solace in your is what is keeping me sane these days.
    I started using sawdust as a filler SIL had a huge pile he was getting rid of it came to my house. :) I love the feel of it...firm and "molds" well to the shape of the piece. However, it is very messy!!! I've tried a funnel but it gets clogged quickly, so I've been "pouring" it out with a small bathroom size Dixie cup. It still gets all over the outside, but it is easy to clean that off afterwards. Let me know if you come up with a better solution. I hope you get back to your water therapy soon and can continue your road to recovery. Big hugs coming your way!!!

  6. Been thinking of you and wanted to email but sometimes feel I'm intruding on bloggers! So glad to see a post. Hope your back issue can be helped.

    Thanks for the resource links, have not heard of Franken but will definitely check on them. Your choice could not be any more perfect for that finish. Gorgeous soft colors and excellent mounting.

    And happy silver anniversary! Our gold is in a week, will be husband's pasta & sauce with cheesecake dessert!

  7. Meg, happy belated anniversary to you and your husband! It sounded like a wonderful day spent together. Glad to see you popping in! Your finishes look awesome; love the frame you picked out for your Life is Beautiful piece.

    No suggestions on where to find sawdust, but you will want to "line" your stitched piece with an interfacing or a tightly woven undyed fabric like muslin.

  8. Happy Anniversary! You two are a gorgeous couple and so happy in love.
    Love your finishes Meg. I have used the sawdust. Love how it fills pincushions so nicely. It is terribly messy to work with though! Our son is a carpenter. I have plenty of sawdust Meg. Email me your address please and I will mail you sawdust!­čśë
    I am praying for you. I am sorry you are in such pain. I am glad you have Scout and your stitching.

  9. Meg: Happy 25th, you both are so beautiful in your wedding photo.
    I love how you framed La Vi Est Belle, so pretty.
    Lovely ornaments.
    I have never used sawdust, just crushed walnut shells, try calling a coop store for sawdust.
    It is good you can be in the pool, I bet it feels wonderful.
    So sorry you are in pain, sending prayers your way.
    Super cute video.


  10. Belated Happy Anniversary. La Vie est Belle is beautiful. I now own a copy of the chart :)

  11. Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary, Meg! You and your husband both look so elegant in your wedding photo--love the long gloves on you and your husband's bow tie. You look like you stepped right off the top of a fancy wedding cake :) Sorry your trip plans were derailed and I do hope next year brings no viruses and improved health so you'll be able to travel.

    Always love your stitching and I'm so glad you've found Franken Frames to be helpful. I still need to frame some of my things that I ordered frames from them years and years ago. Procrastination is my middle name now that I've retired. I was MUCH more productive when I worked and was on a schedule. Oh, well...

    Your little fall pillows are so sweet and I do love the colors in your latest framed finish. Thank you for introducing us to a "new-to-me" designer.

    Oh, that talking dog is just the cutest!! Makes me wish I had a dog just to make him "talk!" Thank you for bringing a smile today! Enjoy these last days of August, my friend ♥

  12. Hello my dear Meg! What an absolutely gorgeous couple you and Shawn made on your wedding day. Your gown looks so elegant and lovely on you. I love the design. Happy 25th to both of you. George and I celebrated a big anniversary too this month. It is a true blessing when you find the perfect person to spend your life with.

    So glad schooling is working out so well for Thomas. Covid has made everything so hard.

    The Scout videos are so cute and I bet your husband are enjoying them.

    Your finishes are all spectacular. Love all the Fall pieces. Robin is such a sweetheart and I know you are enjoying all the lovely patterns she has sent you. I really love that French piece (you know me and French things). The frame is so pretty. I will have to look up this company. I agree the frames you find in the craft stores never seem to be deep enough for stitches.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the pool. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day and always in my heart. I'm sorry you have not heard from me for quite some time...I have been going through some medical difficulties that have kept me off the computer. Love you for sure however. RJ

  13. Happy Anniversary Meg!! I love your Wedding photo, your such a beautiful bride and I love your elegant dress, the neckline is so pretty and I think the gloves are so classic. I much prefer the style of wedding dresses from years ago. You certainly found the love of your life!! I was supposed to go to Ireland on my honeymoon but my husband got laid off from the police dept in the budget crisis but I finally got to go for my 40th Anniversary. It was worth the wait!

    It must have been such a nice feeling for you to walk in the water!! I hope you can continue to do so, how freeing it must have felt.

    Well, I can't tell you how much I love your La Vie Est Belle stitch!! I love anything with birds, the color wave is gorgeous but the sentiment is what I love about it the most. RJ had gifted me a bracelet with those words on it and I wear it everyday.

    I haven't been stitching hardly at all this summer. A good friend has been ill and I've been going over twice a day to bandage and transporting to numerous doctor appts and tests and more. My horse had to spend nearly a week at the vets and taking care of her. It's been one thing after the other but your always in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. Happy Anniversary! You were a beautiful bride. Glad that you were able to still cherish the day, even though it didn't include a visit Ireland and Scotland. The Life Is Beautiful stitch is simply...beautiful.

  15. Happy anniversary to you and your husband! You both look wonderful in your wedding photo. Time sure can fly at times! I hope your trip to celebrate can happen soon.

    La Vie est Belle is fantastic! You did an AMAZING job framing that yourself and I just love your frame choice.

  16. What a beautiful couple you were on your wedding day and I am sure just as gorgeous today. I love the "Life is Beautiful" piece and it is such a fitting piece for celebrating life.I hope you don't have more fractures in your spine and you can continue your PT. Sending you prayers.

  17. Happy Anniversary! Keeping you in my prayers.

  18. Gratuluj─Ö rocznicy ┼Ťlubu :)
    Zachwyci┼é mnie obrazek, kt├│ry zrobi┼éa┼Ť.

  19. Hi Meg! I have have bought sawdust from the Etsy shop of Notforgotten. I think if you search for sawdust on Etsy, a few shops will show up. Hope you're doing well!


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