Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Escape from the Hotel California

Hi, stitching friends!

I hope 2020 begins better than 2019 ended. I had surgery Friday to have a rod put in my femur, and the surgeon broke my femur during surgery. If you’re anything like me, you’d rather not have details of why or how this happened, so I will spare you.

After three nights in the hospital, the physical therapist said I was not ready to go home. But the surgeon thought I should go home, so we compromised. Insurance said they’d pay for physical therapy rehab, so they loaded me into a van and hauled me to a place we now affectionately refer to as “The Hotel California.”

Back at the hospital, I had been told I would be in this place for a day or two, and my expectation was that I would learn skills like how to get up the step into my house, how to shower and dress myself, how to move easier with the walker. The Hotel California had other plans for me, though.

Remember these lyrics?

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back to the place I was before
'Relax' said the night man,
'We are programmed to receive.
You can check out any time you like,
But you can never leave!'

When the intake nurse finished asking me if I still had my own teeth, who the president is, what year it is, and so on, they told me about the in-house hair salon and the weekly activities I could participate in. I said, “I’m just here for a day or two to learn some basic skills. I’m not staying long.” 

She chuckled. “You’ll be here at least a week or two, maybe longer.”

By the time she left the room, that inner voice we all have was screaming, “RUN!!!”

I looked at Shawn, said, “I do NOT want to be here. This is NOT what I signed up for.” So he went and found somebody and told them we were leaving. It was after 9:00 p.m. We hauled my disabled hiney into the car and drove straight home. It was a comedy of errors trying to figure out how to get up the step into the house with my walker, but we managed.

My bladder is my personal trainer. The need to “go” is a strong motivator. In the hospital, the distance between the bed and bathroom was very short. At home, the distance between the living room and my bathroom is a marathon in comparison. Walking with a walker while putting less than 25% of my weight on one leg is a workout! I’m feeling stronger every day, and my husband has been absolutely amazing. My mom has been burning up the miles traveling to be with me, and she has cooked for us, cleaned up and shared her knowledge of post-surgical physical therapy with me. (She has had both hips and knees replaced, so she is a pro.) My son has been a great gofer for us since he has his driver’s license now. And I have been so blessed with lots of emails, calls, texts and visits from dear family and friends.

My Favorite Christmas Gifts

With my current mobility status, I am not able to get photos right now to show you, but I have to brag on my friends Carol and RJ. They sent me the most beautiful, perfect stitched ornaments. I showed my son, and his reaction was, “Holy sh**, Mom. Wow.” For a 17-year-old, that’s pretty high praise. I’ll show you as soon as I am able.

And my favorite gift I gave was to my sweet husband. He loves hoodies and he loved this one. I asked him to make a “grumpy old man” face for the photo. Love it!

Until next time, friends, I hope 2020 brings you lots of love, plenty of reasons to smile and laugh, and peace and good health. And, as always, lots of time to stitch!


  1. Oh dear Meg, it really got you. How lucky that you have such a great family that fully supports you.
    I wholeheartedly wish you all the best, quick recovery and that you will soon be better.

  2. Oh Meg, I am sure that you did the right thing going home - sounds like you have a great support system with your family and I hope that you have a speedy recovery.

  3. Oh what a nightmare , I am so sorry reading you story.
    I hope the New Year will be a good one in the end .
    We all have times like this sometime in our life .
    Hope you get better soon wishing you a quick recovery hugs .

  4. OH je, was für eine Geschichte.
    Zum Glück hast du einen lieben Ehemann und einen Sohn, die dir behilflich sind.
    Ich wünsche dir eine schnelle Genesung.
    Happy New Year and a big Hugs,

  5. Dear Meg. I am so sorry you had to endure all of this. Thank God for Shawn by your side. You are in my prayers every day. Your positive attitude is making a HUGE difference Meg. God bless you!

  6. After I saw your email I jumped over to see if you had posted. I am on a clock to get out the door, but you made the right decision. You are young, your mom has experience. You would have been miserable. Trust me I know... my mom has been in twice with her femur and pelvis at 80+ and didn't last herself in those places. They are a last resort. If you have willpower and it is physically possible you will get yourself back up. PRaying for you girl.

  7. Meg, could to see your post. I have been thinking about and praying for you. I think you made a wise and sound decision to escape as quickly as you did. I know that your family is taking great care of you. Love the sweatshirt you got for Shawn! Thinking of you!

  8. Oh Meg, I am so sorry to hear this. I know you are a fighter and made the right decision to not stay at the "hotel".....sometimes you just have to listen to your gut! I've been thinking about you daily and will continue to do so...hang in there! Hugs!!!

  9. So happy to hear from you! Did not want to meddle but have been wondering how the surgery went. Sorry about the break but glad it's over and you're home. Sounds like leaving the "hotel" was a good move. Can you get home health visits or home PT through the doc orders?

    What a great hoodie and handsome hubby! Grumpy or not!!

    Thanks for the update!

  10. Ouch. I think most people heal better at home. I'm glad you have a good team to help with your needs. Hope are back to normal soon.

  11. First of all, I don't think your husband could look grumpy ever--he has such a kind face :) And I know he is taking excellent care of you. So glad your mom is able to help you with her personal experiences in healing, too. And, there is nothing a 17 year old loves more than hopping into the car multiple times a day just to enjoy the freedom of driving. So, you are in good hands and I'm so glad you made your escape. (had to laugh because Hotel California came out in 1977--the year we were seniors in college and was HUGE! Still is, I think!). I honestly think people like you are disciplined enough to do their own physical therapy and heal well.

    My sister broke her femur from too much stress related to overdoing it in her running two years ago. (I think I mentioned we have very poor bone density in my family). It took a while, but she has healed and is back to running, although shorter lengths.

    Hope you continue to improve and I pray that 2020 turns into a year of hope and healing. Sending a big hug, my friend! ♥♥♥

  12. Good luck with your recovery and I hope you heal quickly! Sounds like the best family to me!

  13. Meg: I know what you mean about not staying, my mother had to stay in rehab for three weeks it was hell, she only had a couple of problems they made her feel like she could do nothing but lay in her bed, we finally took her out.
    Love the grumpy look so cute.
    I hope your healing is quick and easy.


  14. Oh my goodness! I feel so bad for you. I hope you get the hang of the walker, it's not that bad once you use it for a bit. Sounds like you have a great family support system and you will be much more comfortable at home surrounded by them rather than the rehab facility. Prayers for fast healing!

  15. The Lord gave you a good sense of humor to help get you through this. Wow. And you write well, too. May the Lord bless your healing from this surgery. I pray He does. You are an amazing woman!

  16. Hello my dear friend Meg! I thought I already commented on this post but it must have been in email. I'm glad you are home and out of Hotel California. That was quite a nightmare.

    My prayer is that your femur heals in record time so you can get back on your treatment. I know you will kick C in the butt. Your wonderful sense of humor and your unbeatable spirit can't be stopped. I love you my dear friend and you know you are in my constant thoughts and prayers.

    Grumpy is too handsome to ever really look grumpy. Your family and support system is awesome.

    Keep sofa dancing! Big hugs, RJ

  17. Meg, mi dispiace per tutto quello che ti è successo e ti auguro una veloce guarigione !!
    saluti Marula

  18. Oh my, what a mess for you! Such a blessing to have your family and friends be there to help you.
    He looks like a pretty good grumpy old man!

  19. I hope your feeling better and are at least on the road to recovery. Having had 5 surgeries and 2 years of physical therapy on my arm, I feel your pain and understand your struggle.


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