Thursday, November 14, 2019

It's Cheesy Christmas Movie Time!

Hi, stitching friends!

The Hallmark Channel and other movie channels have started their Christmas-movie marathons. I can't help it. I love a good, cheesy, romantic Christmas movie.

I loved this post from the Lizzie*Kate blog last year. Linda wrote "Even though the plots are predictable and repetitive, even though every woman has the same hairstyle (soft waves!), even though everyone looks model-perfect all the time, even though it is ALWAYS gently snowing (never blowing), even though someone has always lost their "Christmas spirit" and even though there are a huge number of obscure PRINCES wandering around the US looking for mates...I find these irresistible."


(Oh, and by the way, Linda offers a super cute Lizzie*Kate freebie in the same post.)

Cheesy Christmas Movie Bingo

Lizzie*Kate's blog entry inspired me to create "Cheesy Christmas Movie Bingo" last year. My husband and I had so much fun playing! Our cards were handwritten, but I decided to make some "official" bingo cards to share with you. There are 12 different bingo cards in all, so grab the family or a friend and have some fun.

Click here to download or print a high-res PDF file of the bingo cards, or click here to download or print a smaller PDF file of the bingo cards. (They are the same cards.)

Until next time, friends, be warm and safe and I hope you have lots of time to stitch!


  1. Hey Meg! How is your foot doing? Are you still hopping along? Thanks for the bingo cards! Maybe I will hunker down and watch a few!

  2. Meg: Thank-you for the bingo cards.
    I love the Hallmark channel, many beautiful movies without cuss words and other things that are not proper.
    I hope you have a Blessed Thanksgiving.


  3. Yep, the description was spot on, but they are so uplifting and fun to watch. I have already indulged in quite a few.

  4. Oh I have already been watching the Christmas Movies , and I must say you feel so good after .

  5. What a cute idea for the Bingo cards, Meg!I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with loved ones!

  6. ....draft of new cheesy movie.....She sat in the warm sunshine, looking out towards the horizon, enjoying the roar of the tides crashing to the shore. She wondered what everyone else was doing that Christmas Eve morning. There were reports of blizzards, record low temps up North, and yet, as she sat there sipping her iced tea, the warm sunshine was making it almost impossible to even think of snow. She was working on her latest cross stitch project. She smiled as she worked on putting more stitches into the adorable snowman she was stitching. What could be better, Christmas by the sea, the warmth of Florida? Ahhh where the snowmen were on fabric......"Excuse me miss?" she looked up and before her eyes there was a handsome......... Yep, not every story has snow. Hope things are awesome in your world sweet friend. ((hugs))

  7. Grazie Meg, per questa bella foto romantica... anche io adoro tutti i film di Natale, anche se li ho già visti 100 volte, continuerei a riguardarli sempre...

  8. Meg, I don't have cable so I miss out on the Christmas movies. The bingo does sound like fun though!!

  9. My mother loves all those movies. Love your Bingo list. Too funny.

  10. Such fun! But not so much for me since I'm the only one in the house to watch all those holiday movies. I've seen a couple Thanksgiving ones, and I'm almost ready to start watching Christmas.

  11. Sounds like a cool bingo game! My daughter and I usually watch together so I will see if she wants to play with me! Thanks for sharing your creation.


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