Sunday, October 6, 2019

Autumn Leaves

Hi, stitching friends!

A few days ago I featured an autumn freebie from Ricami di Marula at Crocette a gogò. You can get the free pattern by clicking here.

I wanted to stitch this while our leaves were still so beautiful, so for the past few days this is all I've been working on. I finished it last night and framed it today. Isn't it sweet?

I've had this little mahogany 4x4 frame in my stash for more than 20 years! Isn't it great when you finally find a use for something? I thought about painting the frame green or white, but my son said I should keep it natural because he liked how it went with the tree trunk and branches.

I stitched "Autumn" one-over-two on 40-count Flax Newcastle with the called-for DMC thread, except I substituted DMC 817 for the called-for DMC 321. I thought the 321 was a little too fire-engine red and bright, and I wanted a more "orangey" red for the birds. I stitched the string in DMC 898, same color as the branches, instead of the called-for DMC 310.

I have to thank Carol at Stitching Dreams for recommending the 40-count Flax Newcastle as one of her favorite stitching fabrics. I bought a big cut of it because she liked it so much, and while I was stitching on it, I thought, "Where have you been all my life?" It had such a nice feel and I love how I could use just one thread.

I absolutely love those birds. I changed the legs a tiny little bit, removing a couple of stitches in the pattern so they would be more delicate.

I think this would be a fun stitch to alter for different seasons, using different color schemes. The acorn between the birds could be a Christmas gift and they could be cardinals, or, for spring, the acorn could be a little tied bouquet.

Autumn Leaves

I call your attention to the title of this post: Autumn Leaves. It has a double meaning. The local news tonight said we're going to get "winter-like" temperatures in the middle of the next week. I'm not sure I'm ready to hear that! But I do like it when the colder weather sets in because I like to make soup and homemade stock, and I start getting all giddy thinking about watching Christmas movies and getting busy with the holidays.

My heart goes out to all of you still suffering the heat. Hold tight. This, too, shall pass. They just never say when!

Be well, friends, and I hope you have lots of time to stitch.


  1. I do love this one so much. I agree about the frame staying wood. I also love the idea of how to change it up seasonally. I am putting this one back on my one day projects too. I am ready for some soup weather. We were just talking about that tonight here, but I think the heat is with us a tad bit longer. I have a few chores I am going to tick off so that when it does cool I can play outside.

  2. Oh Meg, the little pattern is great, I've secured the freebie, but this year I'm not going to work it anymore.
    And your frame fits perfectly.

  3. Bellissimi Meg il tuo lavoro e la tua cornice, sei stata velocissima.
    Complimenti, hai vinto una griglia. Aspetto che tu me la indichi via email.
    Hai proprio ragione, questo schemino può adattarsi bene alle 4 stagioni...mi hai dato una buona idea, preparerò i FREE delle altre stagioni.
    Buona giornata

  4. Hi Meg: This is such a sweet design, I am a follower of hers, she is a great designer.
    Your finish is adorable.
    I hope it does not get too cold for your area, they are talking snow and rain mix this weekend for us, icky.


  5. This is just darling! I adore tiny stitching!!

  6. Meg, this is a stunning finish. And your son was right about leaving the frame color alone! I am also making a note of your thread changes. Well done!

  7. Good news on the weather front is raining and the temps will be in the 70s this week. Yippee. Love that cute stitch and and frame and the lace are perfect for the finish.

  8. Seeing yours stitched up makes me want to stitch it, too, Meg! Great job with the frame and the touch of lace :) So glad you enjoyed the Flax Newcastle. I love all of the 40 ct. Newcastle colors and adore just using one thread. Can hardly stand stitching with two these days :) Have a great week, Meg!

  9. This is so beautiful. It's perfect. I am so glad you won on her blog, too. Your finishing is always so amazing. Wishing you a day filled with much joy sweet friend. ((hugs))

  10. Fantastic finish. Love the lace touch at the bottom. I stitched on 40ct once and just loved the finished look. I just wish they had more evenweave and not linen at the bigger counts. We finally got cooler temps here in Indiana. Our AC is finally off and the cool breeze is filling our home. Love it!

  11. A great finish, Meg. I love it and the frame is perfect.
    I like to stitch on 40ct Linen as well.
    Have a nice day, Manuela

  12. Another nice and creative finish! Congrats on all your hard work of late.

  13. Nice finish, great idea to add interest at the bottom. I have never used that fabric and now I'm curious.

    As for the weather, since you like it, enjoy the soup and keep it there!!!

  14. Another lovely finish, especially when you have a frame handy!

  15. Meg, RJ told me about 40 count Newcastle and I love it too, same with 40 ct country easy to stitch on. I have a tub full of thrifted frames and it is great when we can select from our stash. Love your stitch and it looks great in the frame.


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