Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Goodbye, Old Friend

Hi, stitching friends!

I just finished erasing the hard drive on my old buddy so I can send it off for recycling. I'm sad. It's still so pretty, and we've spent a lot of fun hours together.

Part of me wants to keep it around, just in case it really isn't failing. But there are definite perks of the new iMac:

  • The retina display is a-MA-zing.
  • It's sooo fast.
  • My favorite game loads and runs really fast (but since that distracts me from housework and stitching, that may not be a good thing).
  • It doesn't randomly put itself to sleep while I'm working.
  • It looks just like the old iMac, unless you look at it from the side. It's so... thin.
But there is one HUGE drawback:
  • Photoshop won't work.
I found out (too late) that Photoshop CS5 is not compatible with the latest Apple operating system. I've tried the fixes, but it still won't load anything without crashing. I can pay $10 a month to use the new Photoshop online, but before I go that route, I'm trying out a new graphics program for Mac called Acorn. I've used Photoshop for about 20 years, so learning something different feels like learning to cross stitch with my left hand. While walking AND chewing gum.

Fellow bloggers, what photo- and graphics-editing software do you use?

Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow update

Block 2 of Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow

Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow is going great! I want to have it stitched and framed before Halloween, and since I started in mid- to late January, I need to stitch three blocks (of the 12) every two months. I'm ahead of schedule!

Block 3 of Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow
I finished block three late last week.

Blocks 2 and 3
Block 4 of Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow
with my Charlotte's Web needle minder from Mad for Minders on Etsy
I started block four last Friday. I had the border, words and lightning finished when we left town to spend the weekend with friends at their cabin in Crouch, Idaho. Do you remember a few weeks ago when I posted that we were going to the cabin? We ended up cancelling then because of snow, and then our friend Rob got a nasty cold.

We went this past weekend instead. We arrived to find three feet of snow on the ground! It snowed all weekend, and when we left Sunday morning, there was a fresh foot of snow on Rob's truck. (Thank goodness for friends with four-wheel-drive!) As we pulled into Boise, it was raining, and I'm sure people were wondering where we brought all that snow from.

Image from With Thy Needle and Thread blog

Stitching Friends Forever SAL

I'm gearing up to start the "Summer Schoolhouse" SAL with RJ and Mary from Stitching Friends Forever next month. A reader was very generous and sent me the first three patterns in the series, with the fourth to come later, and I have my fabric and floss ready to go. Just waiting to hear the ready, set... go! If you want to read the story behind this series, you can on Brenda Gervais' blog here.

Until next time, friends. I hope that wherever you are, you are warm and safe with promises of spring peeking up here and there. Thanks for taking the time to stop by!


  1. We got no promises of spring here, just blowing winds and cold weather. Spring is far off. hugs

  2. Well I just use the editing on my Mac Air. It is not fancy and I would probably love more options but $10 a month is what I pay for my IPSY bag which I like more.lol Let me know about the Acorn if you decide to use it. LOVE LOVE LOVE your Hawk Run Hollow. I have found that while I enjoy watching all the fun stitch alongs, I am not a SAL gal. I guess it makes me feel nervous like I have to keep up or something. ( The woes of the first born...we feel pressure and guilt about everything.) I am working on Easter Parade today...loving this stitch.

  3. Your Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow is looking fabulous, Meg. Too funny about your weekend away and bringing back the snow into the rain when you returned home. I saw a few blooming periwinkle plants blooming along side the road when we came back from town today. So spring is around the corner!

  4. You are ahead of schedule! A while back I considered doing the fall or Halloween piece as individual ornaments for a black tree rather than as one large piece. But considering is a far cry from stitching.

  5. The stitching blocks look wonderful.
    I just use the editing that comes with the iPhotos. I had Lightroom at one time, but I honestly never used it.
    I hope it warms soon for you. Spring is beginning to pop in the south, but wow it has been a cloudy winter.

  6. I send you a few rays of sunshine, with us it is much too warm for February, I like it - but if nature is doing well?
    Have fun with the SAL with RJ and Mary, that's certainly a lot of fun.

  7. Wonderful progress on your WIP.
    Can't wait to see the first photos from your SAL with RJ and Mary.
    Hugs, Manuela

  8. Very sad about your computer....and now to not be able to use photo shop, too. :( Your stitching looks great, always so perfect. I can't wait to see your new SAL. Wishing you a most lovely day. :)

  9. Meg, I think my computer wants to meet up with your old one...it is giving me fits. I've had so much trouble with it. I'm still hanging on but by a thread.

    Love how your stitch is coming along. It looks absolutely beautiful.

    I will be in touch about the SAL. It is going to be fun. RJ

  10. Oh, that must be so frustrating about Photoshop not working with your new computer, Meg! I am not tech savvy at all and just keep hoping that my 10 year old desktop keeps going. I just use Picasa on that has now been retired. Guess I should really learn how to use Google photos since that took its place...

    You're really coming along with Halloween at HRH and I know how much time those individual blocks take having done Christmas at HRH! They are so stitch-dense! But, so cute--each and every block.

    I can't get over all the snow you are getting in the northwest! And here, we've hardly had any all winter... Very strange. I'm glad you got to go away to the cabin--I'm sure it was like a winter wonderland :)

    How sweet to be sent the first three charts for your SAL! Stitchers really are the kindest people around!

    Have a great week, Meg! ♥

  11. Your Hawk Run Hallow is sweet. Sorry to hear abt your computer and software problems.

  12. Your HRH Halloween is looking fabulous and you are moving along quickly. I am just finishing up the last piece(Strawberry) in the Summer Schoolhouse series. I have so enjoyed stitching it and can't wait to get them FFO'd!!
    Glad you finally made it to the cabin and I'm jealous of your snow!▪

  13. RIP, old buddy. I don't use any photo and graphics software/app on my iPad. Hopefully, Acorn works for you. HaHRH is looking great. One day I would love to stitch that up. I'm tempted to stitch the Summer Schoolhouse series but I just don't want to stitch 1 over on 28 so I need to look into alternatives. Happy Thursday eve!

  14. My hubby now has my Mac but boy do I miss it.
    My new one is so fast and so different and I get my head around it. Lovely stitching.

  15. Hawk Run Hollow looks great, plenty of time before Halloween.
    Wow, three feet of snow, I bet that was pretty to look at!
    That will be a fun SAL to do with RJ and Mary, I'm looking forward to see if/how you'll change it up.

  16. So glad Rob is feeling better and y’all got to spend some quality time together. HRH is coming along quite nicely. Stitching ahead of schedule is fantastic 😁. Can’t wait to see your SAL progress, Meg. Judy

  17. Meg, How frustrating that photoshop does not work on your Mac. I hope the Acorn works well for you. Several of my photographer buddies signed up for the monthly plan but I hesitate to add on yet another bill.
    I'm more than impressed with your progress on Hawk Run Hollow!!! Kudos to you to be ahead of schedule! It is coming along fantastic!
    I'm glad you got away for your snowbound weekend!! It must have been magical, hermit-ed away in a cabin with all that snow.
    RJ told me she contacted you about our starting date, I've had a guest for a week and I'm behind in everything so I'm sorry for the delay in our start. That was so generous of a fellow stitcher to forward you the patterns.


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