Monday, September 30, 2019

Halloween Finishing Spree Day One

Hi, stitching friends!

If you're like me, you've got a bin or a drawer full of finished-but-not-finished projects. And if you've been reading my blog, you know that "finishing" is a four-letter word in my book. I don't usually enjoy it. But thanks to some inspiration from all of you, I've been on a finishing spree.

"Moon Over Blackbird," a freebie from Lizzie*Kate, was in my to-do pile. I stitched this in 2018 and featured it on the blog in this post. It is stitched on 32-count coffee/tea-dyed linen. I used colors I had on hand, as well as some of the called-for colors.

I laced the stitch onto foam core and added a fabric-covered chipboard backing. Then I joined the two together and pinned two layers of ribbon to the outside.

Both ribbons were from my stash of old Stampin' Up supplies. I used the orange chevron ribbon for the hanger, and then folded it in half to go around the outside. Then I layered a ruffled ribbon over that, picking up the light and dark oranges in the pumpkin. A sweet, simple little finish to help kick off fall and Halloween!

Hello, Green Tomatoes!

Last night, our local weather forecaster said, "Freeze warning for Boise tonight. Better get out and harvest what you can now. The growing season is OVER." Ugghhhh.

Winter is coming.....

My husband spent the weekend at his family ranch in central Idaho, and he had to brush four inches of snow off the car before driving home.

When he got home, we spent a good two hours out in the garden picking green and mostly green tomatoes. I estimated that we had 100 pounds out there, and I think I may be right. We've had to do this in the past, and while it does take time, they do eventually turn red.

I looked up "how to make green tomatoes turn red" and a YouTube video showed this lady wrapping each little tomato in tissue paper. I nearly laughed myself to death. Can you imagine? Another had a guy putting them in a paper sack with a banana (which gives off a gas that speeds the ripening process). I'm going to try that this year (with lots of paper sacks and lots of bananas). Hopefully it will speed up the process. In any case, we will have tomatoes well into fall and early winter.

See you again tomorrow, friends. I'll have another fall/Halloween finish to show you. Until then, I hope you have lots of time to stitch!


  1. Meg, Your finish is did a fantastic job,especially for not liking to do the finishing. Good luck with all those tomatoes!!!

  2. What a super FALL finish you stitched and put in final form! Yes, I said fall because it just doesn't strike me as Halloween. Have fun turning those tomatoes into red ones1

  3. Meg: Your finish is beautiful, thank-you for sharing how you did the trim, I must try that soon.
    Yes I have a couple of drawers with stitched designs, I actually spent four hours Saturday doing some finishing.
    Ewww snow, so sorry you had to have it so soon.
    Look at all the beautiful tomatoes.


  4. The finish is simply adorable. I agree with finishing being a four letter word. Stitching is way more fun:) However, I do want to be the one to finish mine.
    That is a ton of tomatoes. I wish I could grow them like that. It is actually too hot and the soil is not so conducive to a harvest like that at my house. Wow, great job. I would have laughed too at wrapping them. Must not have anything else to do.

  5. Beautiful finish for this embroidery. With all these green tomatoes you could make jam.Beautiful day to you

  6. A great finish, you are getting better and better.
    I will also harvest my last little green tomatoes today, but I do - I put them between apples or already ripe tomatoes. What apples and Tomanten namely have-they pour out a gas, what surrounding fruit or vegetables continue to ripen, which has always worked. I do not know it with bananas, I only know it with apples
    I wish you success.

  7. Lovely finish , and oh my so many tomatoes .

  8. I really like the Lizzie Kate design, thank you for the link too. I would love to have lots of green tomatoes, they make amazing chutney. I hope you succeed in ripening them though. x

  9. Hello Meg,
    a great finish.
    So many tomatos
    Hugs, Manuela

  10. Meg your finishing is spectacular...crisp edges and the beautiful stitching. I like how you knotted the ribbon. Well here in the South we batter those green tomatoes and fried them up. They make a good BLT that way. But you would be sick of them by the time you ate all of those.:) Good Luck with the ripening process. Like you, I look up things on You Tube and I have learned a good bit via the internet.

  11. I love fried green tomatoes. But when we pick, even with some color to them, they always rot before turning red. Tried several storage spots and methods, including doing nothing, but I fail every year! Next time, I will pickle them!

    1. Hmm. I'm no help here. One year a loooong time ago, we tried ripening them in the guest bedroom, where they would be at room temp. A lot of them rotted. The next time we had so many green tomatoes, we kept them in big plastic tubs in the garage. I don't recall any of them rotting, and we had them out there well into February. I think the cool, dark storage may have been the key.

  12. Oh, my that is a lot of green tomatoes! I hope the banana trick works. I've heard that they ripen other fruits so hopefully, they'll help. I'm not a tomato eater myself (heartburn issues), but you'll be well supplied with this bounty!

    Love your sweet finish--very nice to have that stash of Stampin Up goodies to choose from. I honestly don't know anyone who likes finishing--it is just a necessary part of the process :)

  13. Oh I love your finish. Beautiful. I think most of us feel that way about finishing things. I know I've really been trying hard this year though. I hate that I have so many pieces hiding in a drawer. They deserve to be out on display. Wow that's a lot of tomatoes. Glad you saved them from the cold. It's hard to believe the snow since we are having record breaking heat here in Indiana. 90 yesterday and again today. But next week it's finally going to cool down. Can't wait!!

  14. Holy tomato's Batman. You do have lots. Love all your stitching. hugs

  15. Meg, Your finish is beautiful. Sometimes we don't realize how a post can affect others. Yours was on my mind a great deal today. We've had an extremely hot and dry September. Fall is going out like a screaming and kicking lion this year. Today found us with a very sunny and hot 96 for the high today--in Tennessee. I kept telling myself there was snow and frost in Idaho. Our time will come. Just hold on. Cooler temperatures are coming. Thanks for the encouragement. Judy

  16. Nice stitching. Love the Halloween ones.
    What a lot of tomatoes. Instead of bananas you can take apples.

  17. Meg, I'm right there with you, finishing is a 4 letter word and then some!! But, despite disliking it your finishing is original and impeccable!! Adorable stitch and finished perfectly.

    Wow, I'm jealous of all those tomatoes!!! I love fried green tomatoes. A woman at the local farmers market makes the most amazing dressing and it's so delicious on the fried green tomatoes. Of course, she won't share the recipe!! How did they ripen and what did you do with all of them???

  18. That is a lot of tomatoes and I hope you can find a way to speed up the ripening process! Tomatoes are delicious but we can't get anything to grow in the heat and constant sun here. It's a pity because I love fresh tomatoes!

    Love how you finished your LK piece! The ribbons going around it look very nice.

  19. Your finishing is beautiful! It's a slow process and can be tedious but can be so satisfying!


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